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>The Long Long Trailer as one of my favorite movies. In my opinion, it is far better and more entertaining than RV with Robin Williams.

In the Long Long Trailer, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez play newlyweds Tacy and Nicky Collini. Nicky’s job keeps him moving around the county. Tacy thinks having their own traveling home… before they were called RVs… is a much better idea than staying in motels and rented rooms.

Nicky is against the idea at first, but when he realizes Tacy is serious, agrees to buy a trailer.

During the film, Nicky learns how to drive ‘forty feet of train’ through congested city streets and the importance of ‘trailer brakes first!’ Then he backs the ‘rig’ over Aunt Anastasia’s prize roses.

Tacy tries to cook dinner in the New Moon trailer while Nicky drives them to their destination which proves to be a really bad idea.

Along the way she collects rocks as souvenirs of the places she has been along with lots of canned fruits and vegetables, eventually causing the trailer to be greatly overloaded.

All the things RVers still do!

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Watch the theatrical trailer.

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