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RVer converted his travel trailer from traditional incandescent lightbulbs to LED lighting. This video shows the style of bulbs used, and how they look after the sun goes down.

BEFORE: (incandescent)
Total interior wattage: 378
Total interior lumens: 5544
Total interior wattage: 71
Total interior lumens: 5690

Power useage cut by 81% while maintaining original illumination! Not only that, it seems to be a better quality of light.

An Australian uses a Toyota 4×4 to tow a small travel trailer through the outback. He gets stuck a couple of times but it’s amazing what kind of terrain he managed to make it through with that trailer behind. It’s hard to say which was tougher the Toyota or the trailer.  Then again, we didn’t get to see the inside of the trailer at the end of the trip.

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