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Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard of and authors of ‘The Mobile Internet Handbook’ overview the basic options for mobile internet for RVers. From cellular, WiFi, satellite and signal enhancing, we discuss what works and what doesn’t.

This video is a promotion for their book on the subject but offers good general information.


Low clearance overpasses can be a real concern for RVers as the video below illustrates. Despite the warning signs and flashing “Overheight” lights at this Durham, NC, 11-foot-8 clearance railroad trestle, the driver tows his fifth wheel under and cleanly scrapes the air conditioner off the roof. Not sure if he even knew what happened.

So many high-clearance vehicles crash into the trestle the railroad installed a steel crash beam in front of it. Believe it or not – they have already replaced the beam once!

RVers must know the height of their motorhomes and trailers and add an additional six inches for safety. RVers most always be aware of all overhead obstructions and when in doubt about height avoid going under them.

Watch more videos of trucks crashing into this overpass.

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