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Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard of and authors of ‘The Mobile Internet Handbook’ overview the basic options for mobile internet for RVers. From cellular, WiFi, satellite and signal enhancing, we discuss what works and what doesn’t.

This video is a promotion for their book on the subject but offers good general information.


3 Responses to “Mobile Internet Options for RVers”

  • Craig Sayner:

    We are new to RVing (in the process of purchasing a 1st RV) Your video was good. Mostly we will be using the wifi in rv parks and camrgrounds. I understand what you said about weak signals and bandwidth. I am looking at the Wifiranger/sky2 to boost that signal. Is this a good choice just for general use? We use the internet to get e-mail and a few games like We will be going on about 4 or 5 trips a year for about 1-2 weeks at a time for right now. Price on the wifiranger/sky2 is 199.00 on their website.

  • admin:

    I have not had any personal experience with the unit but it does appear to be a good product and if it get half the range it claims you should be able to connect to a hotspot just about anywhere you go. I fact, I may get one myself.

  • Charles:

    I just bought my first Rv. 1993 Fleetwood wilderness. I will be using it as my primary residence as soon as I find a place to put it. Any suggestions as to a good place. I only plan on moving it to a new location only when upgrading my current location. I’m anti-trailir park. And unsure of how much privacy is offered at an Rv park. The farther away from nosey neighbors, the better. Also, with the money I am saving by not paying 750 a month for rent I want to treat myself to a couple commodities that I enjoy. Number one is internet. I need unlimited bandwidth with the fastest most reliable service available. The net provides my tv needs, sterio, and phone needs. Also my security needs. I have 16 up cameras where I’m moving from and for good reason. I figure I will scale down to 4 once I move. The point is, the only thing that I want the best that money can buy, is internet sevice. Any suggestions that I can use until I purchase my own land?

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