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>Here’s a fun music video about overnighting at WalMart.

10 Responses to “Livin at Walmart in my little RV”

  • Jack Pettis:

    LOVE IT! Best Walmart commercial I have ever seen. They ought to pay you for doing it and getting it online.

  • california rv parks:

    to my knowledge its the best camping option if one cannot afford to pay rv parks entrance fee.

  • roy scott:

    Interesting license plate on her rv as I understand that Maine does NOT allow overnight parking at Wal-Mart or anywhere else not in a designated rv park.

  • Kathy Whitney:

    Wrong. We’re from Maine and recently bought an rv but even before that walmart parking lots are always full of rv’s at night. We have stayed in two or three ourselves already.

  • Rosemary Davis:

    I really love the song, but it is a shame that Wal-Mart allows the RV’s to camp out , yet semi-tractor trailer will be towed if not making a delivery to them. With the hours of service, there is just not enough parking! But I do like you song because when I am not driving my tractor-trailer, I also drive my Little RV and camp in my friends driveways Great way to visit!

  • Lala85:

    Very cute song about an un-cute situation. I lost my job a year and a half ago and my home nine months ago and am now living in an RV with my kids – although we am not parked in a Walmart lot… Your song made me smile! Thanks!!!

  • Coop:

    My experience with tractor trailers at night has been smelly. Why do they jeave the rig running all night and toxic up the area?

  • Coop:

    Oh yeah. Love that song, brought a smile… and thanks to Walmart for allowing us to park overnight

  • Mikey:

    You are quite wrong about transports. I have parked in about 18 different Walmarts in various states with no problems. Difference being, I always ask first. I don’t ever assume it’s just okay. A little common courtesy goes miles.

  • Sam Fasano:

    Great song. I love it, us Rv’ers can do it

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