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A fellow RVer did an excellent YouTube video comparing RV black tank flushers. It confirmed what I had believed about them and you may find the results of his testing of interest.


7 Responses to “Comparing RV Black Tank Flushers”

  • bill tokar:

    I would have liked to see how a wand worked verses the rest. I would surmise that it would work about the same as the Tornado.

  • Very informative. I have a built in rotary tank rinser that came installed with our RV and I have been thinking of buying one of these flush systems that attach to the drain section. But after seeing this video I’m not going to invest in another flush system as the video shows the rotary is more effective than the other flush systems. This video just saved me money and storage space! Thank you for doing this.

  • Rodger Schuester:

    Excellent work dude! Yep, I had the same thought you had, how will the tank additive change the results? Looking forward to your next test!

  • I would like to see more articles on backing a 34 ft, 5th wheel.

  • I have found that before leaving on your trip adding about 5-7 gallons of water and one cup of Cascade Spot Free Rinse dish washing soap to the black water tank would help clean it up. Took about 3 trips on an old tank before it ran clean. When you dump at a park do the same before hitting the road again. Dump in your sewer clean out at home if possible. Won’t work sitting still, but the sloshing action on the road is a great agitator.
    The Tornado sure helps all this work better.

  • Chris:

    Teresa We have a built in rotary rinser also. When I dump, I dump (Black tank) first till tank is empty with rinser running then close the valve with rinser running to fill the tank. I do this 3 times. Then do the GEO Method (water softener and detergent) of additives to both black and grey tanks. That way its ready to go for the next trip. Never have had an odor problem.

  • Andy:

    The last solution with the Tornado would work better if during the 2nd and 3rd rinse refills the Tornado was still on to help with lifting and directing the waste to the drain tube. Rvers will have to add a pressure gauge, solely for this purpose,to the rise port to allow a calculated refill time without over pressurizing the tank.

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